Jaylee & Paul as mentors . . .


Melanie V. - Ontario Canada

  "When you are ready, your teacher will appear.  I was blessed to have two teachers appear on my small island from the other side of the world in 2007.  Upon first contact, my life began to change.  I began to remember who I was, to heal my wounds, to discern my preferences, to reclaim my power, and to live joyfully with a light heart.  I began the journey of waking up and embracing my own magnificence.  Throughout this journey I have been lovingly supported, encouraged, nudged and guided by my mentors, Jaylee & Paul Balch.  My journey has had many twists, turns, valleys and mountain peaks.  Paul & Jaylee have been there with humour, kindness, understanding, clarity and wisdom.  They have helped me to awaken to a beautiful life, to stand in my own power as a woman, mother, wife, sister, friend, teacher and healer.  I have travelled the world to participate in amazing retreats and adventures with a global family that I love and cherish.  I have changed, my world has changed and I do not have the words to adequately express my gratitude to my mentors for the light they have ignited within me.  Each of us has everything we need within, but the dichotomy of this is that we require someone to help us ignite or awaken that knowing so that we can shine our light and sing our own song.  Jaylee and Paul are such guardians of the light."


Michelle D. - Sunshine Coast Australia


Jaylee & Paul Balch have been unbelievable inspirations in my life!  They have literally changed my world since I met them in October of 2010.  It has been and continues to be an amazing transformational journey.  Jaylee and Paul have helped me discover more of who I am, they've enabled me to go beyond many of my limiting beliefs that have held me back for too long, and through their teachings I've become a person with much more balance, joy and understanding in my life.  I am truly a happier person both inside and out.  Jaylee and Paul are teachers with the highest of integrity and have made a difference in so many people's lives around the world.

Although we are all one, each of us are on our own journey so I believe a focus on personal development is critically important to ensure we continually strive to be a better person, to learn forgiveness, to learn to love & receive love more, and to help make this world a more beautiful place to live.  One of the things I like most about the work I do with Jaylee and Paul is that they do not tell me what I should or should not be doing. They are intuitive and compassionate guides who provide many tools in the form of workshops, retreats, meditations, healings, hypnotherapy, books, etc that have enabled me to find the answers within myself.  I have found this is the best way to learn and to live my life to the fullest.  I am forever grateful for Jaylee and Paul's teachings, and highly recommend them to anyone who is asking deeper questions, looking for answers to many of life's 'tougher' and intriguing questions, and looking to go beyond what they can currently imagine possible!


Karen S. - Ontario Canada

Jaylee & Paul – your individual teaching styles are the perfect balance. A decade ago, I took my first course from you. I have a vivid memory of being introduced to the ‘Anastasia’ book series – the information the books contained shook me in my socks! I had been moving around a bit, not knowing where it was leading me – now I knew. My eagerness only grew for more spiritual/worldly knowledge with each book and each course I took. The ‘Bigger Picture’ concept through Living Mastery enabled me to start to see what’s right in front of me, but not always seen. To be more open and honest in expressing my opinions & thoughts.

To lead with my heart, which has helped me in my writing & in my conversations with others. The most recent course, Opticon, is having a profound effect on me – the lecture format definitely works for me. I share with friends in a spiritual community for which I am truly grateful. If my next decade is anything like this past one, I welcome it with open arms . . .

With Love & Deep Gratitude

Spreading my Crone Wings in Joy, Kar