Optimum Connection with your True Self

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Feedback About the Opticon

Janet - Canada

 I thoroughly enjoyed the Opticon course. Having read and studied many of these ideas independently for about 35 years it was great to study with this group of young thoughtful women. My hope is that we will sustain the synergy created by the group even now that the course is done.  Small groups of thoughtful people working together is how the world changes. Thank you for creating this material. 

Robyn - Canada


"I love the way the Opticon series builds. Each segment is full of powerful insights and hands-on concepts that I can apply easily in my daily life. Every week there are "A Ha" moments, not only personally, but in greater metaphysical and global contexts. At the end of the workshop series, I felt empowered and motivated to dig deeper and trust that I am capable of so much more than I let myself hope for, and that step by step, my goals are achievable. I am limited only by my beliefs!”   

Vicki - Canada

  Forgiveness has eluded me in my life. Not even taken a role at all. It now has come to me ( in the opticon) in a form that not only do I know that it’s there but necessary for my own livelihood and that I’m the only person who can invoke it and take responsibility to welcome and engage with it’s energy to feel that I am my most magnificent self.

It has been explained in a fashion and manner at the time and place where I am capable to understand and absorb the feeling of the energy to put it into practice for myself. I am capable of allowing this energy to set me free from my own self inflicted suffering to help me grow, evolve and move to the next level of living.   

Dorothy - Canada

 You have such a wonderful way of creating images and making the concepts real, and your delivery is both professional and personal.  Your voice for meditation is wonderfully flowing, tone and volume soothing yet focused.  

Karen - Canada

  As we moved forward into the Opticon Course, the content in each module was absolutely genius – so simple and so intelligent.  It was conveyed by Jaylee in

an easily understandable way, that she always does so well.  I like listening to the video, and as well, prefer a visual – I appreciate seeing the presenter, along with their body language.   The last few years in doing the courses, I appreciate being shown the ‘bigger picture’ of whatever the topic. I feel opened up to what is possible – what is possible now – what is possible in the future – never ending .

Melanie - Canada

 The Opticon is accessible, easily digestible and wonderfully uplifting.  My favourite spiritual course to date.  I have learned a great deal, understood concepts at a deeper level and am working with my higher self in a more connected and elegant way.   I am also deeply grateful for the opportunity to facilitate group sessions.  It was very empowering for me and for this community.  The impact on the participants was palpable and I look forward to observing the long term impact unfold.  With Love and Gratitude .

Your Unconscious Reality ONLINE

When Are You Truly FREE!

'When you are fuelled by fear, your true will is confined by a solid wall of blockages which you choose by default as boundaries, which is barely impermeable, leaving you unable to access true core power. '

Duration of Online Workshop: 14 weeks

Method of Delivery: Email, links, downloads, PDF's

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Sifting Through the Memories

'You need to stand firm within your principles and hold to your core values no matter what you are confronted with – your resolve needs to be strong. This is a liberating place to be because trusting yourself will never be an issue.'  

Getting to Bottom of it All

'You want to observe what is bubbling up as if a guiding force is pushing these restrictive behaviours to the surface. This guiding force is jubilant, for it has been waiting a long time to do this.'