INLIVE Newsletter Oct 2018

Summary of Journey Of Power Retreat

What an experience! Five days of wonderful weather on the edge of a gorgeous lake in the Canadian wilderness, with a wonderful group of people! Wonderful breakfasts made with love, thoughtful lunches and well-prepared dinners - all to be enjoyed around a family table. Fifteen well-travelled people enjoyed the daily talks, loaded with visual diagrams and the interactions which brought growth, enlightenment and release of old energies. Everyone settled into a family atmosphere, with challenges being met elegantly and with a certain degree of self mastery. Swimming in the beautiful lake, surrounded by firs and maples and sun-baking during restful respites, allowed the digestion of hours of tutelage. An outing to a crystal mine allowed everyone the chance to do some mining of their own and everyone came home with gifts of rose quartz crystals - as much as they could carry. 

Walks into the forests gave those who dared to venture, the chance to find mushrooms of many kinds and explore the wilderness as if discovering their own sense of fun and belonging. Everyone came away with the knowledge that their own creature hood was something they could accept and honour! This was so successful that next year's incredible venue has already been sourced, with space for a couple more people. We anticipate a few internationals in attendance for that one. Bookings will commence soon!

Feedback: Mary Jane Price


For those who are seeking a teacher, look no further. She is one of the few teachers out there who are able to receive knowledge in the moment and teach it. Her classes are free of teachings of the past, and the information received pertains to the specific group in attendance. If I am finding it difficult to grasp a concept she comes up with a picture that makes it clear. She has taught me that words are limiting but symbols are enlightening. In every conversation there are nuggets to take away. I keep a notebook handy if I am in her company. :)  Mary Jane Price MA,CH

Consulting Hypnotist

The Fairlawn Group

Review: Paul McKay


I am drawn to write a review, although words do not come close to an experience that can only be experienced....

Jaylee conveyed relevant topics on many levels in a nurturing, elegant and impactful manner with a light hearted edge. I'm so pleased to have had the opportunity to attend and highly recommend anyone considering this for themselves.

Planned Events for 2019

April/May brings a few workshops in Canada. A Self Mastery 1 (online included) and four day retreat north of Barrie - Ontario.

September brings another Journey of Power Retreat 2019 (new great lodge).

The rest to be confirmed.

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Quote from Lazaris:

 "A human animal lives out of the past as a total reaction of what was yesterday and the day before, living out of the fear of destruction. Then out of that human animal comes a special breed of human that is a human being that is created in the image of God and the image of what you are becoming. The spiritual being ultimately moves beyond that image and is partly creating the image of what you are becoming and therefore becomes a co creator with God. That’s what produces the change."

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