INLIVE Newsletter

Feedback of Illumination Online 2018

I must confess that I have personally, never journeyed in such a powerful, supportive and open group before, as those 17 participants who have just attended Illumination 2018. Maybe it was the nature of the program and what it brought to light or perhaps it was the attitudes of everyone, or perhaps a combination of both. There was so much humour, raw confessions,  candid honesty and input on the Facebook page, that I was inspired to add videos and do sketches to convey what was coming through. As we created and structured the content, we were amazed at what we could sense was taking place within our own bodies, minds and reality. It has been called a Game changer and a Life changer, and I can personally testify to the consciousness which impacted upon me. We received many emails and attempted to answer as many questions, that were valid, as possible and still material is coming through, as if the program keeps continuing . . . or maybe it is the next Online coming in 2019. 

Planned Events for 2019

The second Online workshop after Illumination is called: 

The Soul's Breath.

In this remarkable follow-up of Illumination, we will begin exploring the Soul aspect of the spiritual human being, beginning with the subconscious Fields of Infinity and how it works. In a very informative and illustrative way, the dynamics of co-creation and manifestation will be explained, the House of the Soul discussed and the greater aspects of what life is all about. To take this journey in the upcoming months, you will need to do Illumination, as we cannot proceed with students who have not learnt the basic fundamentals of the mind and brain. The mind and brain being the instruments that allow the human to evolve, grow and move through different states of mastery. 

February introduces The Butterfly Jamboree - with Nicole Dargie and welcomes mothers and teenage daughters to an overnight mixture of fun. laughter, informative discussions and a good honest look at their relationships.

April/May brings a few workshops in Canada. A Living Mastery  (online included) and four day retreat north of Barrie - Ontario.

September brings another Journey of Power Retreat 2019 Canada (with a new great venue).

Details to be confirmed.

The Opticon printed book is ready to be designed and printed as per order. Many thanks to Dorothy Turner for her editing skills!


We are currently engaged with finding a new platform for the Online Community for workshops, as  Facebook is less and less presenting a suitable venue or trust and viability.  

Definition of EGO

 ‘When we sever ourselves off from our Source (God/Spirit) and we are no longer co-creating together, we are separated and left to our own devices. Feeling isolated and lacking support, we assume the ‘god’ role to attempt to find completion. In order to be powerful without the ‘god’ part, we act out with control, tyranny, abuse and domination or we abdicate from power and we act like victims, abused, uncontrolled and in self-pity. Both choices play host to a choir of voices, which want to be in control and be heard. Once a choir is in control, our dreams and desires, choices and inspiration are held hostage until an opportunity to free ourselves appears.’ JB 

2019 - Year of Grace

Allow Grace to be a part of your year.  Divine grace is a theological term present in many religions. It has been defined as the divine influence which operates in humans to regenerate and sanctify, to inspire virtuous impulses, and to impart strength to endure trial and resist temptation; and as an individual virtue or excellence of divine origin.