The A.O.E.C (undisclosed title)


A NEW recipe book of DIVINE proportions!

I am on one of my creative 'bents' and have begun a recipe book like no other. It will be released as an E-Book first and will have two main features . . . Recipes and Inspirational messages, poetry or quotes that I have intuited. All the content will be around divine food principles and eating consciously.


How You Can Play A Part

If you wish to be a co-creator in this exciting endeavour, then send in your favourite recipe (no plagiarism please) and your recipe may be featured in the book. Alongside it, will be a spiritually applicable paragraph for the reader to consciously digest.


My Part in This Co-Creation

This book is less about the ingredients within any dish and more about the energetic components surrounding Attitudes of Appetite© and Mindful Munching©. Whilst the reader may enjoy the recipe on a physical level, they will be more aware of other considerations during food preparation, eating and digestion. If your recipe is accepted, you will receive a FREE book to add to your library.

My Recipe Contribution

Make sure that it is YOURS to give . . .

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Make sure that you send your recipe in a word format.

Good food is essential to the body, as good attitude is to the Soul. Combined, they provide Natural Living Medicine!©                                                - Jaylee Balch -

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