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My Commercial Background


Spiritual Roots

Main Teachers and Influences:

Tibetan Master (Ciril)

Tao Grand Master (Master Lui) 

Christian upbringing

Hypnosis Roots

Certified Instructor (American School of Clinical Hypnosis) 

Certified 5-PATH Hypnotist Banyan, USA 

Certified Instructor Hypnosis (National Guild of Hypnotists, USA)

Educational Roots

Bach. Degree. Psychology & Communication, RSA

Cert. IV Trainer & Assessor, AUS

Experience Roots

Lecturer and Teacher  

Graphic Designer


Hatha Yoga Teacher

Author Roots

Co-author – the Energetic Anatomy of a Yogi Book & Workshop

Author of Tomas Of Terra Trilogy

Author of 6 Children's Books

Creative Roots

Creator – the Opticon Deck©  

Co-creator - YogiDeck© (56 cards dealing with postures and their energetic meanings)

Creator of The Opticon© Workshop 

Creator – the I-MAG-I Deck© (for children) 

Your Unconscious Reality© Intensive

Illustrative Artist

My Personal Roots



Jaylee and her husband Paul facilitate retreats, trainings and workshops singularly and together.


As a mother of a son and daughter in their early twenties, she brings much needed wisdom to the growing anxieties experienced by both parents and children of all ages.


For Jaylee, gardening comes with much learning and her passion in applying gardening skills links directly with her spiritual foundations and teachings.


Her writing is full time and when she is not bringing in a book, she is blogging an article aimed at raising the consciousness of the planet. She has recently begun developing course material and books for her retreats and workshops.


Jaylee works intensely with nature, animals, trees and their ability to know all things divine.

Questions asked of Jaylee

 Why are you interested in the human potential?

I have had many experiences in my life - enough for fifty lifetimes - some good and some bad. It was not enough to sum up one life and then to die! I knew that in each person, lived a seed of potential which could defy gravity . . . that was my quest.

Can anyone dream?

I would say - many people have a potential grand dream but it only becomes a grand dream when it is realized, expressed and experienced. First, you get to know yourself because one day, when that dream comes knocking on your door to find you, you had better be ready to receive it! Make the changes, whatever they are, give up your past personal story and dare to dream lofty! Then it is like jumping off the earth with a big leap and you lose gravity and you cannot return back from where you came. You can only go with the motion and your thoughts and feelings to create the next star or world  for you to land on.  


Why do you write? 

I have books downloading into my mind constantly and I feel compelled to share their content, their message. I am an inspirational teacher who knows that the greatest honor is to awaken people to their greater potential. From this, great people - awakened people – will work together and our world becomes an even more amazing place to live in.

What makes you you?

 I write only when I feel inspired. I have taught my chickens to sit on my lap or climb on my shoulder. I grow food and speak to my trees. My garden loves me as much as I love it. When I touch the earth we both heal.