There  are so many people living their dreams and being of service to their world. They feel inspired to make a difference and they endeavour to feel comfortable in their own skins . . . they are a part of a global family, who meet regularly in various places and they offer a cohesive environment wherever they choose to be. 

To know them, is to be blessed. To be blessed, is to be included.

My Global Cronies

Dorothy Turner - Canada


 Belleville, Ontario, Canada – Herbal Solutions Founder, Chartered Herbalist, Certified Hypnotherapist, B.A 

Melanie Veenstra - Canada


Harmanie Yoga Studio Owner

Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor 

Certified Consulting Hypnotist 

Thai Massage Practitioner 

Metaphysical Teacher (with

 Inpowered Living) 

Hot Stone Massage 

Energetic Healing 

Christos Technique

B.A. Psychology 

Michelle Dorn - Australia


 As a Life Coach, Hypnotherapist & Teacher, Michelle specialises in personal and professional growth; helping clients overcome challenges & obstacles to achieve a balance in their lives they never dreamed possible. 

Nicole Dargie - Australia


 Inside Out Yoga


 Holistic education · Makeup Stylist · Meditation · Mindfulness · Yōga  

InPowered Living

Class of 2008

Master Metaphysical Teacher Training

Owen O'Brien - Aus-Irish


Certified Hypnotherapist

Life Coach

Civil Engineer

Tanya Mah - Australia


 Tanya Mah is a marketer who occasionally moonlights as blogger and holistic life coach. Her mission is to create art through all aspect of her work. Honest (to the fault), disruptive and vulnerable she both writes and coaches with a slice of heart, humour and pragmatism.

Katie Tippelt-Dempsey - Canada


 Bringing intangible inspiration into physicality is the most fulfilling work you can do. That is what Katie gets to do each and every day as the owner of Brand Ambition.

Paul G Balch - Australia


Certified Instructor (American school of Clinical Hypnosis).          

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (1990) AUS. Certified 5-PATH Hypnotist Banyan, USA.  Certified Instructor Hypnosis (National Guild of Hypnotists, USA)

Lecturer and Presenter

Master Reiki Practitioner. Bikram & Hatha Yoga Teacher.  Co-Author – the Energetic Anatomy of a Yogi. Energetic Healer. Co-creator - YogiDeck©

Bay Woodyard - Canada


 Queen Bee at Honey Pie Hives and Herbals, Bay Woodyard is a back-to-the-land folk herbalist and maker of healing balms, candles, soaps and potions. An artist and designer working in many mediums, she draws her own labels by hand and helps others with logo design and brand development. Graduate of the Ontario College of Art in Fine Art. 

Vicki Emlaw - Canada


  As an eighth generation resident of South Marysburgh, Vicki Emlaw has a passion for wellness that has guided her life through a unique path that includes 10+ years of world travel, running an organic farm for over 15 years, and now teaching yoga and promoting healthy living in PEC.

Tania Hubbard - Australia


 Tania is an Australian best-selling free-from author, international speaker, award winning food manufacturer, food innovator, presenter and educator. Tania is a regular commentator on free-from food, product development, recipe development and food labelling. awards and  I call her the Gluten Free Grain Free Goddess because she is! She is also a beautiful person with a big heart and a cheeky sense of humour!

Valerie Tremblay - California


Valerie holds a BA from McGill University, an MIA from the University IX Paris Dauphine and an MBA from UQAM, along with ICF-ACC accreditation and certifications in a number of psychometric assessments. Fully trilingual in French, English and Spanish, Valerie is a mother of three and an avid Ironman triathlete. 

Laurent Garrigues - California


 Physical oceanographer, rock climber, statistician, kitesurfer,software architect, yogi, but above all Walker on the Path… 

Mandy McGrath - Ireland - RSA


Mandy has the MOST EXTRAORDINARY story on the planet. A woman of immense courage and strength. Between us, we are working on her book . . . her story. She is currently doing a Law degree to help abused women and children.

Genevieve White - RSA


Robyn Cakebread - Canada


 Robyn Cakebread is a National Guild of Hypnotists Certified Consulting Hypnotist, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and nutritional coach and food educator. She graduated cum laude from the University of Toronto as an English/Philosophy Specialist. Her signature program, Changing Your Mind about Food™ teaches people how to reframe their relationship with food to improve health and general wellbeing. Robyn currently lives and works in Wellington Ontario Canada. 

Galen Newman - Canada


  Manager Operations at Sandbanks Vacations. Studied Creative Writing and English at Concordia University, Montreal.  Certified Consulting Hypnotist 

Mary Jane Price - Canada


 Certified Consulting Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists, an international body based in the U.S.

Masters Degree in Sociology with an emphasis on Social Psychology.  

Hypnosis Practice in Tiny and Toronto Ontario

Metaphysical Teacher

Regina Dauner - Everywhere


 Senior yoga and Hot Pilates instructor, teacher trainer, metabolic coach, massage therapist, a global trotter. Teaching classes that are powerful, playful and heartfelt. 

Cheryl Millett - Canada


 'For your better health tapping into nutrition, healthy habits, metaphysics, healthy brains (omegas) and matters of the mind.' Millett - Auum Omegas  

Who are you?


Do I know you but have been remiss in my remembering of you?

Where are you from?


Are you an inspirational personage?

Do I know you?


Are you a valuable member of the Universal Symphony?