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Hosted by Jaylee & Paul Balch


- Understand our bodies from a different perspective . . . a viewing point which brings healing.

- Learn the difference between emotions and feelings and how they impact our entire lives . . changing the roller coaster of life. 

- To understand that our thoughts and attitudes direct, write & create our dreams . . . and we lift the results of that.

. . . AND THEN WE BEGIN TO BREATHE in the essence of what we are - our place in the universe - and how we can bring that all into balance!


Hosted by Jaylee & Paul Balch - students of a Tibetan Lama and Tao Master,

certified Yoga Instructors (Hatha & Bikram), Clinical Hypnotherapists (Instructors),

Reiki, Energetic Healers, Authors with other degrees and qualifications . . .

Together they bring 35years of attainable knowledge, life changing and inspirational 

nuggets to this workshop! They teach globally, hosting online programs, retreats 

and workshops and are the creators of The Energetic Anatomy of a Yogi - which has

diseminated much of the current knowledge on the four selves of the human being

within the yoga community. They have hosted programs like this in 95 global

venues, across 9 countries and have published the book and YogiDeck© (cards)

as well as 12 children’s books.

CONTACT US to book:

   Dates: 5 & 6 October 2019

Times: 10am - 1pm and 2pm - 5pm * Bring own lunch

Cost: $350 * Gift: 1 YogiDeck©

- if paid by 14th Sept.

Speak to: Amy Hadikin 

Kickstart Fitness & Wellness Centre 

6a-1209 East Island highway, PARKSVILLE 


Tel: 250-586-2011 .


The Global Workshop


The EAofY©  (abbrev.) has been hosted in over 90 yoga venues around the world. From Hot and Hatha studios to private groups, yoga teachers, yogis, body workers, massage therapists and healers alike.

The Source


Having been mentored by a Tibetan Master and one of his advanced students, Paul and later Jaylee, learnt healing processes to intuit and empathically scan the body's energies. Paul himself, has been using this system for over 30 years and is proficient in his ability to see what cannot be seen

Yoga Application


This a rare and unique opportunity to become aware of the subtle layers of the body during any yoga practise. From aches and pains to energy balancing and alignment - every manifestation has a story to tell. We know how to read the body's story!

Workshop Details


Run over 8 hours - one or two day - we share volumes of knowledge and share stories about the tale of the body. We have been hosted in many different locations globally. Students can dress casually . . . until the MASTER CLASS!



Paul Balch runs a 2 hour action packed, high intensity class that leaves even the most experienced humbled. Don't be fooled! He has the ability to bring in the energetic components and new realisations using sacred techniques,  bringing out the best of the best on the mat.

The Extras


Jaylee and Paul created their book for students to take home, so that they could keep using the information in their daily practise. Jaylee created the YogiDeck©  system of cards for students. Each deck allows the yogi to draw a card for the day and shows the energetic considerations.

What is the Energetic implication of a Posture?

Extract from the EAofY book . . .

  "According to Paul and Jaylee, the unexpressed emotions - whether it be anger, sadness, love or shame - become trapped within the body. Given the chakra system, which according to the yoga philosophy consists of spinning wheels of energy residing in various centres of the body, these trapped emotions will settle into various body parts suitable to the interactions of the energetics of the chakras to which the emotions connect. Consequently, you can use your yoga practice as an interface between your mind and body. As the body parts are flexed, twisted, compressed, and stretched, the emotional components released will manifest themselves. If you tap into these emerging patterns, you begin the dialogue between your mind and body. You can therefore use your Bikram yoga practice as a means to emotional healing. You may even more proactively set intentions towards this healing through your yoga. Given the limited scope of this article relative to the extensive amount of information covered by Paul and Jaylee in a full-day seminar, an attempt to summarize their vast captivating presentation may be futile and may do it disservice. It’s best to get a glimpse by illustrating with one example." 

- An Independent Review by an Undisclosed Source -


Example Illustration

- An Independent Review by an Undisclosed Source -

  "The start of the series, pranayama breathing, provides an appropriate instance. On the surface, it clearly exercises the respiratory, circulatory, and nervous systems. But beyond the obvious, given its emphasis on the neck, shoulders, and chest (which connect with the fourth and fifth chakras), subtle interactions of the fourth and fifth--the heart and throat-- chakras result in its effect on emotional energetics associated with these chakras. The neck is a body part vital in its association with decision-making, as is exemplified by the expression “sticking one’s neck out” for a cause. By exercising the neck, you therefore begin the yoga sequence with moving forward, not holding back with indecision. The shoulders are an expression towards the surrounding environment and external obligations, as noted in the phrase “carrying a burden on one’s shoulders”.

Thus, you commence the series by releasing said obligations and focusing on yourself. The heart relates with matters of intimacy and love; hence, according to Paul and Jaylee’s interpretation, the breathing helps with delivery of “unexpressed emotions towards intimate ones and fear of being oneself”. To more specifically apply these concepts, as a case in point, perhaps experiencing neck pain would convey the likelihood of indecision with regards to a particular choice in life."


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