Tomas of Terra Trilogy

Jaylee is the author of a number of children's books and her most comprehensive accounts of a boy with no boundaries, no fears and no clue that he is human, is featured in this trilogy. Critics have found his absolute claim to unrestricted power a mind boggling idea, even criticising it. In their minds, no human can be that good and powerful at the same time!

Yet they can . . . and Tomas shows you how.

Know Your Inner Garden

Check out this great video - Jaylee walks you through her garden and reveals a simple path of transformation that anyone can follow.

The Bigger Picture

Jaylee gives you a different direction towards perception. Using her skills of creative imagery, she takes you through the steps of detachment.

A take on the River of Life

Jaylee addresses the River of Life and gives an introduction into the depths of her understanding about lifting up out of the swirling currents of daily affairs.

How I channel book content

I visited 1000 Oaks Elementary, Berkeley, California and gave a talk to wonderful children, who were both inquisitive and educational themselves.

How An Oak Grows from Tomas of Terra

Jaylee explains her book Tomas of Terra to creative minds at 1000 Oaks Elementary School, Berkeley, California

The Presence Meditation

The allowance of the Soul to be a guiding and active force, brings a supportive and balancing sense of peace. First - we accept that it is an active part and then we allow the Soul to participate in our daily lives.

Day Of The Dragon

Jaylee felt inspired to write about the lunacy of myths and superstitions. She voice recorded this piece and tells how a couple of crows are duped through their illogical fear, by a dragon.