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Professional Hypnosis Training Program

 Become a Professional Hypnotist and integrate it in your Yoga teaching and Yoga practice for amazing results, healing and success. This program is a professional Certification through the National Guild of Hypnotists USA, the largest and oldest hypnosis organisation in the world.  

How easy is it to become certified!!!

Admission Requirements

Additional Information

 All applicants must be 18 years old and demonstrate a level of adult maturity, complete a registration application, agree to abide by the NGH Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, demonstrate an aptitude for this level of training, and be approved of by NGH Instructors, Paul & Jaylee Balch. The NGH minimum educational requirement necessitates that all applicants possess a high school certificate. International students must have their country's equivalent. 

Your materials include, but are not limited to
• Student Training Manual 1 – including study guide for Level 1
• Student Training Manual 2 – including study guide for level 2
• All the forms you'll need to get started in your new career
• Marketing Manual - This includes how to start, expand and
market your private practice.
• Promotional materials • Scripts • Cds • DVDs


about the national guild of hypnosis certification

Additional Information

  This is an intensive program all manuals materials are supplied with a 1 year subscription to the NGH news letter and access to their resources. You also have email access to Paul and Jaylee for assistance with your practice.

Professional Certified Hypnotic Training 2019

Upon completion of a minimum of 100 hours intensive practical training including a 3 week component preparation home readings and assignments you will receive the NGH Certificate of Hypnotism. You will be entitled to place the letters CH after your name.
Hypnosis training consists of instruction, demonstration and practice.
This is a comprehensive course covering all aspects of hypnosis.

Hypnosis course includes but is not limited to:

  • Approval by the National Guild of Hypnotists USA.  
  • Satisfactory completion of course meets qualification for membership to the NGH (first year membership is included in the tuition).
  • All required materials included in the tuition.
  • Learn from an experienced hypnotherapist, who has been approved of by the NGH as a Certified Instructor, Hypnotherapy (CI).
  • Learn several types of hypnotic inductions, deepening and testing techniques, how to construct hypnotic suggestions, hypnotic stop smoking and weight loss techniques, age regression techniques.
  • How to conduct a self hypnosis course so that you can start earning money      straight away. Some graduates earn their fees back from conducting one self-hypnosis course!
  • Learn how to write and customize hypnotic suggestions and hypnotic scripts
  • Plenty of time to practice your hypnosis skills during the course, including      inductions, deepening and testing hypnosis.
  • Learn how to build your business from someone who has a successful hypnosis practice.
  • Optional books, tapes and videos are available for ongoing professional development.

If you want to change your life, have a rewarding career and help other people to improve their lives then The National Guild of Hypnotists hypnotism certification course is for you.
The NGH core curriculum is taught by certified instructors throughout the world. This training program offers a comprehensive and in depth approach to all aspects of hypnosis. The training is designed to offer those preparing for a career in hypnotism with the skills and proficiency to become a professional in the field of hypnosis. Most NGH Certified Hypnotists utilize their training through self-employment.

The NGH Hypnotism Certification Training
This course includes combined classroom instruction, homework assignments, practice sessions, and supervised clinical practice. Students will undertake 100 hours of face-to-face classroom as well as components of self-study. Students are required to complete various readings, reading assignments, written homework, practice of all the inductions and techniques learned in class, Watch specific DVD’s, and undertake supervision.

Students are also required to create a preliminary business plan.
Students are required to submit recorded homework practice inductions for critique. Upon successful completion of Levels 1 and 2 of the course you will receive your status as an NGH Certified Hypnotist, and you will qualify for membership in the NGH, the largest and most prestigious international educational organization in this field. You will also receive your first year of membership with the NGH. Upon completion of training, passing a written exam and acceptance as a member of the NGH you will be eligible to insert the letters CH (Certified Hypnotist) after your name.


Class Format

Additional Information

  The class format consists of lectures, class discussion, demonstrations of processes and techniques, hands-on supervised practice using the tools and techniques learned in class. During class time, students are encouraged to pair up and practice various techniques demonstrated by the instructor.

Level I Includes:
• What Hypnosis is
• Preliminary suggestibility tests
• How to conduct depth tests
• How to classify clients
• Influences and dangers
• How to hypnotize,
• Awakening procedures
• A three-step self hypnosis program
• Developing rapport
• Different applications of hypnosis
• Induction procedures
• How to decide which inductions to use based on the client's needs
• Mechanical aids, (What they are and how to use them)
• Deepening techniques
• Anaesthesia Management
• Smoking Cessation,
• Ideomotor response
• Mechanical aids
• Smoking cessation programs
• Weight control Programs
• Stress management programs
• NGH Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics
• Supervised practice


Level II Includes:
• Session structure
• Behavioural assessment - goal setting - reinforcement
• Image Psychology and hypnosis
• Self hypnosis techniques
• How to teach a  1 day self hypnosis course
• The use and benefits of the ideomotor response
• Age regression
• Advanced techniques
• Anxiety reduction techniques
• Pain control techniques
• Exploding the myths about hypnosis
• Effective marketing and business strategies
• Legal considerations
• NGH Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice
• Supervised practice

We will also be integrate some metaphysical aspects of hypnosis throughout the program, covering working with understanding DNA reprogramming, Healing topics including cancer, pain, working with parallel lives,  altered states and multidimensional aspects of consciousness and more.  Included, will be pointers for yoga teachers/students if necessary.


Meet Your presenters ...

About your trainers:

  This is a rare opportunity to work with two experts in their fields having studied many different healing modalities including Massage, Reiki, Energetic Healing, Yoga teaching Hatha and Bikram yoga, Metaphysical and Spiritual Teachers, Certified Master Hypnotherapists, Clinical Hypnotic Instructors, in Advanced Medical Hypnosis, Hypnosis for Pain Management, and much more over the last 35 years.


Paul G Balch has had a long-term interest in Esoteric Hypnosis since 1980. Paul became a clinical hypnotherapist in 1990 through the NSW School of Hypnotic Science. Since that time, he has completed several hypnosis training in Canada and America, Master hypnotist 5PATH© training specialising in regression therapy, certified Hypnotic Instructor with the NGH and American School of Clinical Hypnosis,  and certified in advanced medical surgical hypnosis training and hypnotic pain management.  Since 1988 Paul has been a offering training and hypnotic consulting globally. He is also a co - founder and co director of theInpowered Living organisation.

Jaylee Balch

Having a keen interest in Human Behavior, she studied a double degree in psychology and communications  and completed several hypnosis training in Canada and America. She is a  Master Hypnotist - 5PATH© Training - specializing in regression therapy and a certified Hypnotic Instructor with the NGH and American School of Clinical Hypnosis. Jaylee is an author of 12 books and a transformational and intuitive Councillor. She is a qualified Trainer & Assessor in Australia. She is also a co - founder and co- director of the  Inpowered Living organisation.

tuition - location - dates

First EVER - Training in Auckland - New Zealand

Achel Studio Botany (272a Ti Rakau Drive, Burswood) + 

Manukau Studio, (1 Jack Conway Ave, Manukau) 

To be announced . . . 

Early Bird Tuition

Special Ends: 13th September 2019

Special Tuition Fee: NZ$3900

PAID IN FULL BY 13th September

Full Tuition: NZ$4200

Deposit: NZ$1000 (non-refundable)

Paid by: 20th September 2019

Remaining Fees by 18th October 2019

Training Schedule

  1st Weekend: 25, 26, 27 October AND

2nd Weekend: 1, 2, 3 November AND

3rd Weekend: 8, 9, 10 November 2019

* PLUS 3 weeks preparation material emailed 30 days before the start. 

Login and links provided upon sign-up.

Where do I Begin?

Email Regina, Paul or Jaylee at the contact details below to sign up. 

Speak to Regina for venue and direction details. 

Email Paul & Jaylee for training details.

Payment Options:

Bank Transfer

Western union

Credit Card via/or PayPal (+ 5% fee)

* Upon registration, details will be sent to your email account.

Daily Times

 9am - 5pm minimum with lunch break (tea/coffee + biscuits supplied)

Overtime may occur if practical sessions run longer than 5pm.

contact details

Paul G Balch (Facilitator)


Jaylee Balch (Facilitator)


Regina Dauner (NZ contact)


yogina2u@gmail.com +  PH 0272361350 

Esoteric Hypnosis 1

 Hypnosis is fast becoming the number one format of change and healing in the world. The mis-representation of it as a science, is being weeded out and understanding the power that it holds, fast coming to the forefront of modern mechanisms of change. Join Paul and Jaylee as they unfold the truth and power of healing through hypnosis .

Esoteric Hypnosis 2

  Paul & Jaylee Balch host a number of Hypnosis Certifications each year under the National Guild of Hypnosis (USA). This video is a short introduction. 

Yoga & the Hypnotic Mind

Check out this great video Paul G Balch hosts a number of introductory workshops combining hypnosis with different healing modalities. Here is a sneak peek at the Yoga and Hypnotic Mind introduction